Butt Lifter Jeans







Ladies- Want a better butt?


Want a better butt, slimmer thighs and flatter tummy? 


Many jeans available do not support your curves…in fact they often do the opposite…skinny jeans are notorious for diminishing your butt and making it look flat. Or other jeans leave gaps in the backside, bulges around the tummy, or unattractive thighs. It sometimes seems impossible to find jeans that give you slim legs and a sexy, rounded butt. And this can be a real let down….


But Now - Boost your butt – and your confidence….

With No padding. No hours at the gym. No implants. And No surgery. Instantly…for under $60!


Imagine naturally getting that sexy, round butt. Imagine no more muffin top. Imagine slimmer thighs. Just pull on these smartly made jeans- and get the beautiful booty you’ve dreamed of!

Real women just like you from around the world wear our jeans, from office workers, to homemakers, to Colombian Supermodels. Their verdict? These butt-lifting jeans really do what they promise. What's more, countless customers agree. So will you when you try them on! Don’t trust cheap Chinese made imitators to lift your butt- real butt lifting jeans are made in Colombia. And Cheviotto Jeans is Colombia’s #1 jeans brand. Moda’s Cheviotto Jeans are the original and world leader butt lifer jeans.







  • The jeans provide a gentle butt lift- built-in stretch lifts and sculpts your butt- for that naturally rounded look, with some extra BOOM!


  • No More Muffin Top: The waist smoothes away bulges and slims the look of your tummy.


  • All This Plus Awesome Comfort: No squeezing or squashing! Premium denim made from cotton and spandex feels super-soft and flexes for all-day freedom. So Comfy You'll Wear Them Every Chance You Get. Why suffer to look sexy? Your Moda Jeans come in SOFT cotton denim, with spandex for freedom of movement. No squeezing. No squashing. Nothing but smooth, stretchy comfort!


  • Who needs a surgical lift when you have Colombian jeans that do it for you? The material used is high quality and stretchier than regular denim so it hugs all your curves. Enhance your silhouette without a struggle! Cheviotto Butt Lifter Jeans will give your buttocks the round natural look you’ve always dreamed of!


  • Jeans colombianos levanta cola elaborados con hilos de la mas alta calidad se ajusta perfectamente a tus caderas escondiendo los rollitos. 100 % Hecho en Colombia Jeans elaborados con tela strech muy comodos y suaves que te permitiran lucir mas delgada y al mismo tiempo hermosa con sus diseños exclusivos.


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Lift your butt now with Moda’s Cheviotto Jeans – Made in Colombia. Less than $60. Many styles and colors to choose from.




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